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The Workling Difference: Companies search for your skills, not keywords.

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to find really interesting job posts, and with Applicant Tracking Systems it is harder than ever to get noticed. There are better uses of your talent than reading emails with jobs that “match” your preferences or sending resumes off into the ether so the same keyword search software can screen you out.

Workling is different, we use a machine-learning powered algorithm to match your proven skills with those an employer lists as essential for success in their job. When you are a great match, we put you on their shortlist of candidates that can make an impact on day one.

Here’s how we put you in front of top companies:

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    Create your candidate profile - it starts with your work and educational experiences, but more importantly, we ask that you identify your level of experience with:

    Written and spoken English or other languages.

    Specific technical skills used in your professional work.

    Business and logic tasks.

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    Complete your assigned skills assessments. This is how we validate the level of your experiences and establish your Workling Score, one of the measures companies use to screen candidates.

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    When a company posts a new job they specify the skills, levels, and experiences they are looking for, and the Workling Matching Algorithm creates a shortlist of the top candidates ranked by their Workling Score. Employers can then invite these shortlisted candidates to apply for the job before anyone else.

How do our skills assessments and the Workling Score work?

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    Skills assessments are assigned based on the skills you highlight in your profile, and are paired with the level of experience you assign to that skill. If you state that you are an expert, your test will cover different topics than if you claim to have intermediate knowledge, and designed to verify your state of mastery.

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    Assessments are scored on a 0-100 scale. An incomplete assessment is scored as a 50.

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    Your Workling Score is the average of all your assessment scores and is one of the metrics our matching algorithm uses to rank a candidate’s fit for a job post. Individual assessment scores are private, and only the average score is seen in your application profile.

So, complete your profile, take your assessments, and keep an eye on your message folder for invitations from top companies to apply for jobs they think you are a perfect fit for. If you aren’t on a company’s shortlist don’t worry, when you log in we will highlight the jobs you are a great fit for, and you can always search and apply for any job posted on Workling.